100 WC

Today was Halloween and I didn’t know what to do I thought of being a creepy ghost but I also thought shoving my into a hay ball would be funnier. So I stuck with the hay ball idea it was 2pm and we where in science so I sneaked out faking that I was going to the bathroom but I was secretly planning my costume. I ordered it and it said it would be at my house in 2hrs I was so relived I finished school in and hour 3HRS LATER  I had my costume I left for the party. It was a bit uncomfortable I fell on my face when I got there and they all laughed their heads off.

Mung – 1788

It was a beautiful morning in the bush today and I just wanted to go back home and not go back to the community. Burani begged me to come see the dance off to see who goes fishing Barangaroo was amazing! We guessed everything right when she was going but when Burani went and he was very  weird he was doing weird birds and he made everyone vote for him Barangaroo got robbed.

Dan 3 1788

After supper, I was taken to Lieutenant  Roberts tent to hear that I disobeyed orders, and I stole the Governor’s dog  and I was going to get flogged in the morning. He also said get a good night  sleep lad I thought it was stupid. Because it wasn’t the Governor’s it was Warruwi’s  so me and Goodwin went to go to the tree where I was going to get flogged the next day.


Then, Lieutenant Roberts said build a triangle to Goodwin

But when I looked behind me I found Warruwi she came to exchange a baby dingo for Larka I said yes but Goodwin thought don’t get in more trouble. Then dawn came Lieutenant was ready to flog he told me any last words I said yes I had the baby dingo ready in my hands Yes I have a new animal its from the natives  it will be easier to find food.





Dan 1 – 1788

Today, the boss told me to find a dog, So they could have something to take their minds away from the convicts. I didn’t want to go but he made me it was a bit scary to go steal from my native friend Warawee she is Indigenous I didn’t want to steal her Larka I told her I had to steal Larka she thought it was a joke then they came bring the dog here so I brought Larka back to the hub the boss told me take care of it for us. Ok, He went back to find another place to stay, On the map ooww!! A native oh no its Warawee huh oh nothing get your guns out quick scare them off.

Dan 2 1788



I was teaching Larka how to fetch but I was disappointed because she wasn’t even trying. Then, Lieutenant Roberts came over. He asked why it wasn’t tied up I thought what I should do. So, I told Goodwin about who listen to, the Lieutenant or the Governor. He told me to listen to the Lieutenant  so I walked back to my tent, full of thoughts..The governor said if you steal something from the natives, you have to pay them back. Afterwards, I went to the chef. I had sore feet and animal fat dripping the chef thought you couldn’t be hungry I stole some rations  to give to Lieutenant Roberts then he said “ in the bag.”

So I put it in the bag then he made me put his telescope in the bag but instead I thought I should give it to Waraui .Then I had to play the drums for the march.

Complex Sentences

We have been looking at complex sentences in class. A complex sentence is a sentence that has a dependent clause as well as a main clause. A main clause on its own is called a simple sentence.


We were given the following simple sentences based on the image below and I have turned them into complex sentences (with the dependent clause in italics.)




The men sat at the table. In order to have a meeting, the men sat at the table.
The men wore red coats. The men, who frequently dressed up, wore red coats.
The men were feeling tired. Before dinner, the men were feeling tired.
The table was piled high with food. All of a sudden, the table was piled high with food
The weather was very hot today. After six months of rain, the weather was very hot today.


…but when I looked behind me…

But when I looked behind me… my mum gave me my surprise party I was. Excited it was my first party ever its because my parents are very poor. I was thinking where a\

re all my friends

“surprise” screamed all my friends I was so. Happy they all could come it was amazing. We played piñata put the tail on the donkey and we ate a big banana split cake. Then I watched T.V all night I was so happy it was the best day of my life I can’t believe my mum let me have a party.

100WC T3W4

I was on a job to stop the prisoner who escaped from his cub in jail. He was fast & furious it was hard waiting for Harry because he was a slow submarine driver so he took along time. He finally made it we had go back to the lab so I could here what boss was saying about this mission. This time boss told me your not going we can’t let you get hurt so I stayed in the submarine why the others all went. I was playing with the dolphin Sammy it was really boring “please finish  John.”

The man is in a bad mood

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